Link Building | SEO

Effective link building strategies for your website

Link building is important in generating traffic and ranking well in search engines. Although search engine optimization involves a lot of processes, links surely play a big role in influencing SEO. They contribute to popularity and trustworthiness of your content.

To everyone who’s not familiar with link building, it is the process of getting external pages to link to a page on your website. This means that there are many people referring your content if you have more links coming to your site. It also signifies that search engines find value in your content and you can rank higher based on your quality backlinks. To put it simply, if you have more links, search engines would see that your content has more value.  If search engines find your content valuable, you can rank higher on searches.

But since the competition is certainly tough, links are not easy to get. No matter how good your content is, if people don’t link to your pages, there is a little possibility of ranking higher.

To help you get over with link building concerns, here are some effective strategies that would help you achieve better results. Continue reading Effective link building strategies for your website

Social Media | Social Media Management

Why You Need Social Media Marketing in Business: The Benefits of It


This time is but a fast-changing moment in the world of business. A lot of strategies and techniques are being implemented by such owners and marketing experts. Among the most sought after and practiced approach in advertising and promoting a product, service or business is the so-called social media marketing.

We have defined social media marketing as the set of marketing techniques that are being used through the utilization and maximization of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the likes.

Though been found by many as an effective way of building brand awareness among the intended audience and market, there are still others who seem to doubt as to whether this strategy really could do much to one’s endeavor. Continue reading Why You Need Social Media Marketing in Business: The Benefits of It

Homepage | Website Design

5 Elements to consider for Better Homepage Optimization

It’s true that a homepage serves different purposes. It is a page dedicated to welcome and guide your target customers to your business website. Since it is certainly the first thing that a user can see, it’s important to present certain features to keep them engaged to lead to conversion. To achieve better conversion rates, one of the essential techniques is through a well-optimized homepage.

Every user surely considers good first impressions. If you have a good homepage, there’s no question that it can lead to many sales. Putting some thought into every element of it would be necessary to have better results.

Start optimizing your homepage today. Take a look at some of these components that would help you reach your market goals. Continue reading 5 Elements to consider for Better Homepage Optimization

Mobile App | Mobility

Build a user-friendly Mobile App using these tips

The rise in the number of mobile users is surely an indicator that there is a need to improve the mobile services of your business. To cater your customers better, upgrading your customer experience through a mobile platform is one good thing to consider.

User experience is often overlooked when we talk about mobile-app. Your application, though mobile-friendly, does not automatically mean it’s user-friendly. In a way, combining user-friendly and mobile-friendly features is a challenge that some designers have failed to achieve.

To create and provide a successful user-friendly mobile experience using your app, here are some of the rules you must remember in achieving better results. Continue reading Build a user-friendly Mobile App using these tips

Social Media Followers | Social Media

How to get more social media followers for your business

One of the avenues to increase your business presence in the fastest and freest way is through social media. Since most social networks are built to create connections and interactions, this is the most efficient way to promote your business in today’s digital age. However, it would be difficult to influence your target audience if you have few people to engage with.

It’s true that collecting followers is one of the challenges in social media marketing world. If you’re just beginning to spread your products and services through Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, or Twitter, you might find it hard to gain organic followers. Still, it’s not impossible to earn them.

To help you gain social media followers today, we’ve come up with some effective ways. Continue reading How to get more social media followers for your business

Cloud Computing | LTKTechnologies

Why your business should consider moving to cloud

In today’s digital age, more people are shifting to manage their files and data through online services. Rather than saving your system resources on your personal computer, users have moved to store their data in the cloud. Basically, this means renting a storage capacity from a cloud service provider while you are connected to the internet.

Benefits of Cloud Services

Cloud computing has been another great innovation that makes one’s business efficient and effective. There are lots of reasons why entrepreneurs are joining the Cloud today. If you are not yet one of them, here are some factors why you should tap the power of cloud computing services. Continue reading Why your business should consider moving to cloud

Password Tips | Cybersecurity

Stay safe online: Password tips to keep your account secured from hackers

In today’s modern age, entrepreneurs expand their boundaries through online services. Most of these require them to sign up using username and password. Regardless whether your account is paid or not, your business is a good target that can attract cybercriminals.

Creating a strong password is one of the common security measures to protect your data from hackers. However, it is also one challenge that most of us have been thoughtlessly doing.

Keep your passwords difficult to break. Here are some tips to help you create a strong password for your account. Continue reading Stay safe online: Password tips to keep your account secured from hackers

SEO-friendly URL | SEO

Tips in Creating SEO-friendly URL Structure

One important factor in improving both search engine optimization and user experience is through creating SEO-friendly URLs. URLs are one of the basic elements SEO and they are a significant factor in ranking high on the list.

In page titles, on the other side, URLs create an easier way to let search engines and target audience understand the web page. This is why your URL should be precise and well-optimized.

Although there are many things to be considered in creating an SEO-friendly URL, here are some tips that could help your site rank up. Continue reading Tips in Creating SEO-friendly URL Structure

User-friendly Website | Website Design

5 Tips in Making a User-friendly site for your Business

A great website does not only mean making it visually interesting — it is also about the user experience one could have while visiting and navigating it. Don’t frustrate your visitors with the amount of load time, annoying pop-ups, or difficult user-interface that your website has. They won’t come back if you keep complicating things for them.

Make good lasting impressions for your potential audience and customers by improving your website usability. Here are some simple tips to help you design a user-friendly site for your business. Continue reading 5 Tips in Making a User-friendly site for your Business

Social media content calendar | Social media

4 Reasons Why You Need to use Social Media Content Calendar

Today, entrepreneurs have found easier and more convenient way to promote their business through social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other rising platforms have been useful tools to create engagement and advertisement for the business’ target audience. However, there have been some flaws on why some business pages. They lack effective social media management. This often leads to reaching fewer people and inactivity of the account.

One powerful and essential tool that can improve the efficiency of your business using social media is through social media content calendar. This helps entrepreneurs to properly schedule posts per day, per week or per month on your social media.

Here are the reasons why you should start using social media calendar for your content now. Continue reading 4 Reasons Why You Need to use Social Media Content Calendar